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Cambridge University Women's Blues committee was formed to oversee the awarding of Full and Half Blues and University Colours to sportswomen in the University. CUWBC regulates the statuses of blues sports within the university, and the criteria that applies to them.


President: Sarah Hughes, Queens, sah92, (Sailing)
Secretary: Hayley Simmonds, hrs36 (Cycling)
Junior Treasurer: Frances, fnb22 (Sailing)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in October 2012 at wilberforce road pavilion

Please send any motions for the meeting to the secretary, hrs36, along with any supporting material which should be kept to less than 1 side of A4. The secretary must recive any apologies by noon the day before the meeting. For further information please see the guidelines page.
Click here for a status review form. Please remember to update the contact details we have when you change Captains.


All clubs with a current Blue's status send a representative to sit on CUWBC. Non Blue's sports may apply to the President to attend committee meetings. Guidance for non Blue's clubs wishing to apply for full or half Blue status can be found here.

The committee is chaired by the President according the constitution. Clubs sitting on the committee pay an annual affiliation fee, currently set at 5.

Affiliation fees of 5 are due, at the first meeting of the year, from all clubs for season 2011/2012, please bring cash or cheque (payable to "Cambridge Women's Blues Committee") to the next meeting or UMS the cheque to Frances Brill. You can check to see if your club also owes fines on the fines page.


The committee meets twice a term. Motions to be considered by CUWBC should be received by the secretary at a week before the next meeting, so that they can be included in the agenda.

Club representatives who cannot attend a meeting are required to send apologies to the secretary by noon on the day of the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Meeting 1 - 4th November 2008
Meeting 2 - 1st December 2008
Meeting 3 - 9th February 2009
Meeting 4 - 9th March 2009

Meeting 1 2010 - 11th November 2010
Meeting 2 2010 - 25th November 2010
Meeting 3 2011 - 10th Febuary 2011
Meeting 4 2011 - 9th March 2011
Meeting 5 2011 - 12th May 2011
Meeting 6 2011 - 23rd June 2011

Meeting 1 2011 - 27th October 2011
Meeting 2 2011 - 17th November 2011
Meeting 3 2012 - 26th January 2012
Meeting 4 2012 - 1st March 2012
Meeting 4 2012 - 10th May 2012


Clubs are granted a Blue's status, as listed on the Status Page. This is either Full or Half Blue. Awards are granted in accordance with the criteria detailing number of awards that can be granted, and the achievements that teams must fulfil in order to qualify.

The Joint Blues Committee

A joint committee of Oxford and Cambridge representatives.
The purpose of the Joint Blues Committee is to discuss issues of eligibility for the Varsity match and to settle any disputes between the sporting communities of the two universities.

Click here to see Varsity eligibility criteria.