Current Status
Past Blues
Fines and Fees

1.         TITLE

1.1       The Cambridge University Women’s Blues Committee (CUWBC) consists of the Women’s Sporting Clubs including those women members and teams of the Mixed Sporting Clubs (the Members) of the University of Cambridge (the University) who are registered with the Junior Proctor and also hold Full Blue (FB) or Half Blue (HB) status.  The Members will abide by the Constitution of CUWBC as set forth herewith.

1.         OBJECTS

2.1       The Objects of the CUWBC are:

a)         primarily to support the Members in their annual quest to win their Varsity Match against Oxford University.

b)         to represent women’s sport within the University on the Joint Blues Committee of Oxford and Cambridge Universities (JBCOCU) and the Sports Syndicate (SS).

c)         to set the standards required to achieve FB or HB status in the relevant sports represented within CUWBC, those currently in force being at Appendix I.

d)         to promote and advance women’s sport at all levels within the University.

e)         to aid the interests and well-being of its Members.

f)         to help in the development of friendly supportive collaboration between all organizations participating in sport in the University.

3.         FUNCTIONS

3.1       The Functions of CUWBC are:

a)         to establish eligibility rules (see separate eligibility document for detail), receive applications for and make the FB and HB awards within the jurisdiction of CUWBC, as set out in this constitution.

b)         to conduct regular reviews of the standards reached by Members to ensure they are commensurate with the requirements for FB or HB status

c)         to supervise the strict application of the Constitution.

d)         to confirm that all contests between Members and their Oxford equivalents have been held under the laws and rules of the JBCOCU and the Governing Bodies of their sport, so that FBs and HBs are awarded according to the Constitution.

e)         to represent women’s sports within the University.

f)         to ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of race, religion or politics within CUWBC.

g)         to undertake such other functions as CUWBC may from time to time decide in order to promote the Objects.

4.         MEMBERSHIP

4.1       CUWBC is composed of three classes or Membership:

a)         the Members from the Women’s Sporting Clubs or Mixed Sporting Clubs of the University, which administer the established FB and HB sports (Voting Members).

b)         Provisional affiliation may be granted by majority vote at Committee (Provisional Members).

c)         Co-opted Members will include the Senior Treasurer and the President of the Men’s Blues Committee, whose attendance is voluntary but welcomed.

4.2       Observer status may be granted by the CUWBC President, for example to representatives of sports wishing to become provisional Members, to the President of the Ospreys and to Senior members of the University.


5.1       The organization of CUWBC is the following:

a)         Committee

b)         Executive.

5.2       The Committee:

a)         It is the responsibility of the Committee to decide all matters of common interest to CUWBC, and

b)         to elect members of the Executive and any pro-tem Standing Committees it may set up for a specific purpose.

5.3       Membership of the Committee:

a)         The Committee shall consist of the following:

i)          Voting Members: shall be represented in Committee by 1 delegate, as Members in good standing, provided they have paid their fees for the current year.

ii)         Provisional Members.

iii)        the Executive.

iv)        Co-opted Members.

v)         Observers.

5.4       Organization of the Committee:

a)         Committee must meet at least twice every term, although additional meetings may be called If required.
b)         The annual fee from each Voting Member, as determined by the Executive, shall be paid to CUWBC by the division of
             the Michaelmas Term or at the first Committee meeting of the year, whichever is the later.
c)         all Voting and Provisional Members shall be required to submit the following information no later than the first meeting of
            Michaelmas term, but preferably the AGM meeting in June the contact details (Cambridge email address) for the
            representative of the sport for the coming season

d)         notification of each Committee meeting should be mailed to all Members as soon as possible following the previous meeting, but no later than 7 days notice of the next meeting date

e)         motions and supporting papers (e.g. for a status review) must be received by the Secretary as soon as possible but no later than 3 days prior to the next meeting.  The circulation of papers to the Committee in advance of the meeting should be done where possible but is ultimately at the Executive’s discretion

f)         an Extraordinary Committee will be called when important matters must be decided urgently by Committee, or when at least 2/3 of the Members in good standing submit a request for such a meeting to the Secretary in writing.

g)         A quorum requires 2/3 of the Voting Members to be present.

h)         Committee Agenda (*Items may be omitted if appropriate):

            i)          Roll-call of Members and Apologies.

            ii)         Minutes of the Last Committee meeting.

            iii)        Admission of new Provisional Members*

            iv)        Applications for review of FB/HB status.

            v)         Extraordinary FBs/HBs.

            vi)        Report from JBCOCU.*

            vii)       Report on BUSA issues.*

            viii)      Motions from the Executive.*

            ix)        Motions from Voting Members.*

            x)         Annual/Interim report from the Junior Treasurer.

            xi)        Adoption of the Junior Treasurer’s Annual Report (and/or the Annual Budget)*

            xii)       Elections (last meeting of Easter Term).*

            xiii)      Appeals.*

            xiv)      Date of next meeting.

            xv)       Any other business

            xvi)      Adjournment

i)          absence of any Voting Member from a Committee meeting will incur a fine, as determined annually by the Executive, unless a formal apology has been received either by the Secretary or the President prior to the meeting in question:

            i)          fines payable will be noted in the Minutes of the Meeting.

            ii)         all fines must be paid to the CUWBC Junior Treasurer either before or at the next Committee meeting.

            iii)        in the event of non-payment of a fine, the Member may be suspended at Committee’s discretion.  This is an action of last resort and will only be used if the Senior Treasurer agrees that such action is necessary.

j)          the Agenda may not be extended to other items without the consent of at least 2/3 of the Voting Members present.

k)         only one item, question or motion may be discussed at any time.

l)          the presenter of a motion shall speak first and will be permitted to speak last prior to the vote.

m)        other debaters may speak only once on a motion unless granted permission to speak again from the President/Chair of the meeting.

n)         Minutes of the Committee meeting shall be mailed to all Members by the Secretary within 7 days of the meeting.

5.5       The Executive

a)         It is the responsibility of the Executive:


            i)          to supervise CUWBC in the period between meetings of the Committee.

            ii)         to carry out decisions made by Committee.

            iii)        to decide matters referred to it by Committee.

            iv)        to submit  motions to Committee.

            v)         to impose sanctions.

            vi)        to supervise strict application of the Constitution.

vii)       to appoint pro-tem replacement on the Executive and Standing Committees until the next Committee, which will elect to the vacated positions. (Where possible the person with the next highest vote, received at previous Committee elections, shall be appointed in the interim).

viii)      to interpret the CUWBC Constitution.  All matters not provided for under the CUWBC Constitution shall be governed by Robert’s (Parliamentary) Rules of Order.  In the event that the interpretation is still in doubt, the outcome shall be decided by the Executive.

ix)        to supervise the strict application of the rules for the award of HB/FB status (Voting Membership) to a Provisional Member and the review status for Voting Members.

x)         to review the financial statement prepared by the Junior Treasurer and to report these to the Committee.

5.6       Membership of the Executive

a)         The Executive consists of the President, the Secretary and the Junior Treasurer.  The Senior Treasurer can be informally co-opted to the Executive where the Executive would appreciate the benefits of her experience with the Committee.

5.7       Organization of the Executive

a)         The Executive:


            i)          shall act as scrutineers to count and record votes cast to determine the outcome of a motion.

            ii)         shall delegate the handling of routine business to the President.

            iii)        shall deal with administrative business and prepare reports to Committee.

iv)        shall meet as required prior to Committee meetings to ensure smooth running of business.  A quorum consists of at least 2 members of the Executive.

6.         OFFICERS

6.1       The Executive shall act as the Principal Officers of CUWBC.

6.2       Election of the Officers:

a)         shall take place at the final Committee meeting in the Easter Term, for a nominal one year term of office, beginning on the first day of General Admission.

b)         the Executive will be elected in turn, by secret ballot, in the following order:

            i)          President

            ii)         Secretary

            iii)        Junior Treasurer

c)         no more than 1 representative from the same Member sport shall be elected to the Executive.

d)         each candidate for election must be a representative of a Voting Member of CUWBC who is in good standing.

e)         elections to fill vacancies will be conducted either:

            i)          at the next meeting of Committee, or

            ii)         at an Extraordinary meeting of Committee.

f)         during the election process:


            i)          an absolute majority (>50%) of the Voting Members in good standing and present at the meeting must vote to elect.

            ii)         if no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated.

            iii)        consecutive ballots shall be organized until the election is decided.

iv)        if there is a tie, the person conducting the election will cast the deciding vote, provided that person is not a candidate.

6.3       The Senior Treasurer:

a)         shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor’s nominee on recommendation from the outgoing Senior Treasurer.

b)         shall have experience of women’s sport at the University, either as a competitor, referee, official or administrator.

c)         it is the responsibility of the Senior Treasurer:

            i)          to ensure adherence to the Constitution.

            ii)         to audit the books annually on completion of that season’s business

            iii)        to take an active role in supporting the Executive in the event of an emergency.

            iv)        to provide a link with Senior members of the University if required.

6.4       Duties of the Officers:

a)         The Officers will be entitled to be ex-officio members of all Standing Committees.

6.5       The President:

a)         must be a Full Blue.

b)         it is the responsibility of the President:

            i)          to direct CUWBC, to call the meetings of the Committee, the Executive, and to chair those meetings.

            ii)         to ensure maintenance of standards of excellence and adherence to the Constitution.

iii)        to conduct a preliminary review, with the Executive, of applications for status review of Voting and Provisional Members and the award of Discretionary FBs or HBs.

iv)        to explain the voting process at the beginning of each academic year.

v)         to be the spokesperson for CUWBC and to represent it on all appropriate occasions.

vi)        to supervise the strict execution of decision made by the Committee and the Executive, and the activities of the Officers.

vii)       to forego the Chair in favour of the Secretary, Junior Treasurer or Senior Treasurer if the motion under consideration might lead to a potential conflict of interest.

6.6       The Secretary:

a)         It is the responsibility of the Secretary:


i)          to deal with all correspondence, and to circulate papers as defined by the Constitution prior to and following meetings .

ii)         to arrange the location for the Executive and Committee meetings.

iii)        to keep the minutes of the Executive and Committee meetings.

iv)        to stand in for the President when delegated to do so.

6.7       The Junior Treasurer

a)         It is the responsibility of the Junior Treasurer:

            i)          to deal with the day to day management of CUWBC’s financial affairs.

            ii)         to collect the revenues, fines, to make payments and to keep detailed accounts of behalf of CUWBC.

            iii)        to arrange for the Officers and Senior Treasurer to be co-signatories to the bank account.

iv)        to issue FB/HB certificates/badges to Captains, on approval from the President, after receipt of the designated fee.

v)         to present end of year accounts (including cheque book, records and bank statements) to the Senior Treasurer for audit by the division of the Easter term.

vi)        to prepare the annual budget with the financial year end of May 31st, and report this to the Committee.

vii)       to present a verbal report at each Committee meeting on the current state of the finances, and to present the end of year accounts at the final meeting in the Easter term.

viii)      to sign, with the President, any marketing and sponsorship agreements.

ix)        to stand in for the President or Secretary when delegated to do so.

7.         VOTING

7.1       Right to Vote

a)         Committee: Each Voting Member = 1 vote.

b)         Executive: Each member = 1 vote in Executive meetings, but may only vote in Committee if they hold this right as the Voting Member’s representative.

7.2       Voice/No vote:

a)         Those entitled to attend Committee, without the right to vote, may express their opinion on any matter on the agenda if invited to do so by the chair: i.e. Executive, Provisional Members, Co-opted Members, Observers.

7.3       Voting procedures:

a)         For a motion to be passed, an absolute majority (>50%) of the Voting Members in good standing and present at the meeting must vote in favour.

b)         The President, (or Chair, in the absence of the President) has the right to cast a deciding vote at Committee in the event of a tie.

c)         Voting is conducted by: (a) voice, (b) raising an arm, or (c) a secret ballot (if requested by any Voting Member).


8.1       Any sport may be subject to a review by CUWBC at any time; however, reviews should automatically be carried out every 3 years.

8.2       Voting Members: Upgrade, maintenance or degrading of status

a)         Voting Members must submit the Status Review form, including the following information in their application (reference 5.4e):

            i)          current status of sport, date and outcome of last review.

            ii)         performances in the Varsity Matches and BUSA competitions since the last review.

iii)        information about participation levels across the University, squad size, weekly training, coaching, frequency and standards of competition.

b)         Committee will vote on whether the Voting Member’s status should be maintained, upgraded or degraded.

c)         a Voting Member may not resubmit their formal case for a Status Review more than once an academic year.

8.3       Provisional Members: Upgrading of status

a)         Provisional Members wishing to become Voting Members of CUWBC:

            i)          shall apply in writing, declaring that the Constitution of CUWBC will be strictly observed.


ii)         shall be recognized as the Member which organises, selects the team for, and competes in the Varsity Match for their sport.

iii)        shall have played at least 5 Varsity matches in consecutive years.

iv)        shall complete the Status Review form  reporting the relevant information from 8.2a.

b)         if Committee vote by absolute majority to upgrade the Provisional Member to Voting Member, the new Voting Member will have the same voting rights as the current Voting Members.  They will, however, be subject to an annual Status Review for a further 5 years until their sport has been proven established at Varsity level.


9.1       A Member in violation of the CUWBC Constitution and/or its policies will be penalized according to the gravity of the violation.  A Member loses all rights during the period of suspension; i.e. the right to submit Motions, to take part (and hence to vote) in meetings and to receive CUWBC awards.

9.2       A Member in violation of the Constitution and/or policies who continues to be so after having been previously warned or suspended may be expelled from CUWBC.

9.3       Disputes between CUWBC and its Members which are not settled by Committee, will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor.  Any decision taken by the Vice Chancellor shall be without appeal or recourse to ordinary courts, and is binding on the parties concerned.

9.4       The Executive shall have the following powers:

a)         to suspend Members from membership until the next Committee meeting.

b)         to prevent Members from being awarded FBs or HBs, subject to ratification at the next Committee meeting.

c)         to caution or censure a Member, subject to ratification at the next Committee meeting.

d)         to reinstate a Member who was previously suspended

e)         to expel any observer from a Committee meeting if it is deemed that their presence is either disturbing or may intimidate Voting Members during the voting procedure.

9.5       Before the Executive may use its powers of suspension, the Member must have been sent notice in writing of the alleged infringement, at least 1 week before the next Executive meeting, at which the Member will be afforded a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

9.6       The Committee shall have the following powers:

a)         to suspend a Member for a fixed period or until a specified set of circumstances cease to exist.

b)         to prevent Members from being awarded FBs or HBSs in the event that they are suspended at the time of the Varsity Match.

c)         to caution or censure a Member.

d)         to reinstate a Member who has been suspended before the end of the period or before the set of circumstances specified have ceased to exist.

Appendix 1: Current status of Members

General guidance to the standards required for FB or HB status is appended, with further details being provided on standards items of business in the Guidance Note:

a)         For an entire team, which currently has FB status, to continue to receive Full Blues, it must continue to achieve FB standard by performing successfully at national (student) level in a major women’s sport, whilst maintaining standards of the individual members of the team.

b)         For an entire team, which currently has HB status, to be awarded FBs, it must apply to the Committee on the basis of outstanding performance a National student level (e.g. by winning the annual BUSA competition at which at least 24 Universities are present and competing).

c)         For a Member with Half Blue status to apply for a Full Blue on behalf of an individual in their team, the individual must have achieved the specific standards defined or perform for the full (i.e. no student) National Team in international competitions.

d)         Half Blue status is commensurate with performance at County or Regional level in sports in which there is a regular and well defined competition structure.