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HB: part of VM (mixed) A team [4 members] and achieve a First Class or better 

FB: to archers who satisfy HB criteria and either win an individual BUCS (indoor or outdoor)  medal or achieve Master Bowman status nationally (or both).

Colours to any member of the VM team not achieving a HB or to archers who achieve set score levels in other competitions (competing for CUB). Score levels are set close to that for HB standard.

May '10
May '13


FB and HB awarded on times and participation in the Varsity match (times to follow top N in country: where N will periodically be reviewed). At meeting on 21.10.05 FB and HB standards were set/revised for hammer, pole vault, heptathalon and 800m. At meeting on 27.11.07 marathon standards were introduced: 3h15m for HB and 3h for FB – runners must also run in the VM which is part of the London marathon (has been happening for >5 years).[1.12.08 – changes to steeplechase, triple jump and pole vault standards] Oct '11
Oct '14


HBs awarded to VM team (6 players). Team colours  awarded to second team. Full Blue if  play in VM and get to last 16 of the BUCS (singles or doubles or mixed doubles) competition

Nov '09
Nov '12

[Ballroom dancing]

Status changed slightly on 30.10.07. To gain a HB the couple must compete in the VM and  either (i) make the Advanced Finals at IVDA (which would roughly put them in the top 6 student couples in the UK), or (ii) place in the top 50% of couples at the VM. Colours are awarded for competing in the main VM team if HBs are not awarded.  [previously the status stipulated top 8 couples but now number of competing couples has changed]

Oct '10
Oct '13


Current status awarded 30.10.07. If team win the Varsity match and reach the Final 8 in the BUCS playoffs [CU are in the Midland 1A conference and have to qualify for the final 16 by winning league, premier clubs go straight through] they are awarded 5 FBs and 5 HBs  -- these will be at the Captain’s discretion. Previously the team had 10 HBs.

Oct '10 Oct '13


Updated 18.05.07 to accommodate the splitting off of canoe polo as a separate HB sport. HB awarded  (at Captain’s discretion) to members of the first team who compete in 2 out of the 4 VM/BUCS events: these are BUCS canoe/kayak slalom, BUCS wildwater race, Varsity canoe/kayak marathon, Varsity  Freestyle – Captain to use following as a guideline: should come in top of each event, but this is not a hard rule . Discretionary FBs for competing in any canoe/kayak discipline at a national level (e.g. being on GB team or development squad)

May '10
May '13

Canoe Polo

Split from canoeing 18/05/07 to have its own HB sport. Two teams: Open (mainly made up of men)  and Ladies. HB (up to 7 per team) to be awarded to the ladies on either team if that team reaches the semi-finals of BUCS (top 4) and wins the Varsity Match

May '10
May '13


Request change of status 04.05.06 this was passed. New status is that cricket becomes a conditional FB sport with up to 11 FBs being awarded to players if they play in the VM and the team reaches the top 4 in the BUCS premier final (which also means coming in the top 2 of the premier league (either north or south). The captain will also take into account the commitment and contribution throughout the season. 12 half blues to the Varsity Match squad if FB criteria not reached. The team had 11 HBs prior to 27.01.04. Changed FB status on 10.05.2012 to Team wins Regional Midlands 1A or comes second but advances to the last 8 in the trophy competition; and Player achieves one of the following individual criteria; Scores at least one fifty and have an average of 20 runs or more or Takes 5 wickets in an innings at least once and take more than 20 wickets over the season (5 league matches, 2 Varsity matches and the MCC game).

May '12
May '15


Status changed on 5.5.03 from Half blues to the Varsity squad to up to 4 FBs awarded in the Varsity Match at the Captain’s discretion. The Captain should use, as a criterion for judging, the fact that the people who are awarded FB would be expected to come in the top 30 at BUCS. . Discretionary FBs for individuals for finishing in the top 30 in BUCS (no change on 23.01.07).

Jan '10
Jan '13

Cycling (Mountain Biking)

Applied for HB status for first time on 14.03.07 – had  VMs since 1997. Granted according to the following criteria:  HB for coming in top 3 overall in VM plus either top 5 in BUCS XC or top 3 in a National Series Sports race. Nov '10
Nov '13

Cycling (Road Biking)

HB-  top 3 in Varsity (BUCS/BUCS 25 time trial) and finish in the top 5 in the other BUCS/BUCS (10 mile) race.
 FB- compete in varsity and also win one BUCS event (25mile or 10 mile) and come in the top 3 in the other.
 Exceptional performances in other non-mainstream events (cyclecross, track, road racing) in National events should be brought before the committee for consideration of extraordinary FB award.
Status changes 10/02/11 -
HB: Top 3 in the Cambridge team in varsity and complete the course in 1 hour 15 minutes.
FB: Top 3 in varsity and EITHER two 25 mile time trials in under 1 hour and top 20% in a national time trial OR individual BUCS time trial medal and top 20% finish in a national time trial.
For Road, track and cyclocross:
Top 20% in national championships for given discipline OR finish within the top 50 of the national rider rankings for the same discipline.
Mar '10
Mar '13

Eton Fives

Half Blues to players who compete in the varisty match. Nov '11
Nov '14


Full blues awarded (up to a max of 9) for playing in the VM and reaching the final in BUCS. HBs for competing in VM if don’t reach BUCS final. Previous status was HBs awarded to first team (maximum of 9, 3 per weapon, 3 weapons) at Captain’s discretion Nov '09
Nov '12


Status change on 21.11.05. 11 FB for starting line up in VM and a max of 3HB (FB and HB to  be awarded at captain’s discretion) for subs who participate in more than 10min of match. Retention of FB status will depend on the team retaining their position in the Eastern Regional League Premiership (non-student league of higher calibre than BUCS). The captain should base her award of FB’s on the criterion that all players should have made a  significant contribution throughout the season (as the club field non-student members in the ERLP).

Nov '08

Nov '11


Up to 4 half blues awarded to individuals who fly in the Varsity match (a mixed team of 6), and who also hold a British Gliding Association Bronze Certificate (or higher).

Mar '08   

Mar '11


5 years of VM achieved in 2002 – half blues now awarded to starting 6 in the VM at Captain’s discretion – guideline should be a handicap of  12 or better and to have shown commitment throughout the year. Guideline for FB criteria: need to have a  handicap of 5 or better.

May' 08

May '11


Change needed on 23.01.07 due to change in scoring. HBs awarded to  members of the VM A team provided they compete on all 4 pieces of apparatus and score at least 46 in total and contribute to the team score. Criteria for FB are : compete and score in the VM, enter level 1 BUCS  scoring at least 51 total

2nd team colours.

Jan '10

Jan '13


11 FB awarded for starting line up in VM provided team comes in top 3 of the Midland 1A league (total six teams). A further two further FBs at Captain's discretion for rolling VM subs. Team gets HBs if they fail to get FBs. Team colours awarded to second team and first team players not given FB/HBs. [previous status was 4 disc HBs for other playing subs]. 17.11.11 discretionary FBs increased to 5 for VM subs.

Oct '10

Oct '13

Ice Hockey

HBs awarded to VM  at the Captain’s discretion – guideline should be competence at Div 1 league ice hockey standard.  No  current record of FB criteria. (needs seeing to). 28.11.02 they thought criteria was different. (may want a change [28.11.03] to include roller hockey leagues as a guideline to performance).

Nov '09

Nov '12


HBs awarded to VM team who are of at least blue belt standard. FB standard is 1) compete in VM 2) individual medal in BUCS 3) black belt [no change 23.01.07]. Application to change status rejected on 13.06.01 – there have been no VMs for the past few years: committee decided that Judo will maintain its HB status provided it has VMs for the next 2  years (to report to committee).

Staus Changed 12/05/11 - Need to have brown or black belt for FB rather than just black.

May '11

May '14


Up to 4 HBs awarded to black belts on the VM team, 4 more can also be awarded at Captain’s discretion (in case team do not have black belts). FB standard is 1) a Dan grading 2) participation in VM  3) individual medal in BUCS or equivalent competition.

May '11

May '14


Up to 4 HBs at Captain’s discretion for starting line up (plus up to HBs for subs if they  make a significant contribution) in Varsity Match and must also play in BUCS championships. HB status is also dependent on remaining in the CKA division 1 and finishing in the top 8 in BUCS. Team colours may be awarded to 1st team players not getting HBs and 2nd team players. 26.01.12 Changed to staying in top half of local division two.

Jan '12

Jan '15


FBs for 12 in squad at captain's discretion (pre 12.06.08 it was for starting line-up). 4 rolling subs to receive HBs for playing in Varsity Match; captain to have an additional 2 discretionary FBs if they win VM and make the semis of the BUCS knockout tournament. Second team awarded colours.
On 16.06.05 FB standard tied to achieving a top 4 position in the BUCS Premier League Southern, meaning they do not go into the relegation playoffs (6 teams in each of north and south divisions). Top 5 teams in S and N premier leagues plus another 6 teams from lower divisions go through to BUCS knockout competition. 01.03.12 Number of FBs awarded changed to 14.

June '11

June '14

Lawn Tennis

Up to 8 FBs for first team members playing in live rubbers in the VM, at the Captain’s discretion. FB standard should be conditional on the team maintaining its place in the BUCS Premier South League (currently 8 teams total  in north and south).

May '11

May '14

Life Saving

Applied for status 03.03.03 – on the basis of having had 6 VMs. Ladies in the VM A team (team of 4 has to be mixed, so there could be between 1 and 3 women) to be awarded HBs at the Captain’s discretion – guidelines should be that the individuals should be roughly of 1m 55s standard for the swim and tow event. Colours awarded to A team if they do not get HBs. Colours awarded to B team if they beat the Oxford B team in the VM.

Nov '10

Nov '13

Mixed Lacrosse

10/02/11 - Status changed to HB for four players subject to: showing a high level of commitment and attendance to the team, being in the starting line up for and winning varsity, attending 75% of the matches in the league and placing first or second in the league.

Jan '11

Jan '14

Modern Pentathalon

FB awarded for >=4240 points in VM, HB awarded for >=3240 points in VM. 11/11/2010 Points changed to bring in line with new scoring system. 1st team members who don't achieve FB or HB in VM and 2nd team members with >=2400 points in reserve match can be awarded university colours.

Nov '11

Nov '14


Starting 7 in the Varsity match awarded FBs, plus up to 3 HBs for first team subs awarded at the Captain’s discretion (if play in VM). First and second team colours may also be awarded. FB status will be conditional on team maintaining their position in the Midland 1A League.

Nov '09 Nov '12

HB awarded, at the Captain’s discretion, to 3 out of the 5 VM team: a guideline for these awards should be that the competitors should be capable of  coming in the top half  of the BUCS A race. FB standard is top 3 at BUCS or top 10 in British Elite Championships (top 30 in country). Wanted to change status on 27.01.04 to HBs for all 5 but this was rejected (bring it back to the committee with some conditions attached, eg within a certain time of 3rd runner etc)

Mar '10 Mar '13
Pistol Shooting (CU Revolver and Pistol Club)

HBs for 4 team members in either Summer VM -- > 500 out of 600 in Lightweight Sporting Rifle, changed 25.11.10 to 83% to take into account variable course of fire. Or for 4 team members in Spring VM -- >500 out of 600 in Air Pistol (can be either A squad or women’s A squad). As of 26.01.06 made clear that LSR is mostly shot by Rifle Club, but we can leave it in here as Pistol club can shoot it if they wish. 26.01.12 Score for HB in summer varsity match changed to 87%.

Jan '12 Jan '15
Real Tennis Awarded to 4 players in VM having a handicap of 60.0 or less (this standard was changed from 55 to 60 on 03.03.03). Full Blue criteria are playing in VM and achieving a handicap of 35.0 (changed from 40 on 9.2.09) or less. Colours to anyone who competes on the 1st team in the VM who doesn't have a handicap as stated above. 26.01.12 Handicap changed to 40 for FB. Jan '12 Jan '15

Automatic HB if ride in VM and at least 2 other BUCS matches. Up to 4 awarded at Captain’s discretion. On 7.3.06 riding requested colours:  they do not have a second team and therefore cannot award colours automatically to the 4 in the squad (total of 8) who do not ride in VM. Agreed that colours to those in squad (which is already on selection) who ride in at least 1 of the 5 matches during the year. FB if compete in VM and a) if team win BUCS Nationals (all 4), OR b) Individual top 3 Nationals overall (dressage and showjumping combined), OR c) selected for GB Student team, must have ridden for GB in >= Nations Cup in the academic year concerned.

June '08 June '11
Rifle Shooting (Small bore)

Half Blue: 190 ex 200 in the 1st (mixed) VIII or Ladies IV varsity matches

Full Blue: 195 ex 200 in the same matches as above, and in the same academic year a score within 2 points of the GB Team average (in the summer varsity match), or getting in the national rifle match competition.

May '11 May '14

First boat awarded FBs for rowing in the Varsity Match. Blondie crew are awarded Blondie Colours for rowing in VM. Lightweights are awarded HBs for rowing in Varsity match. Coxes given same award as the rowers in their crew and reserves get nothing. This status was maintained on 07.03.06

Mar '12 Mar '15

Status reverted to HB on 03.03.03 (?) – this was in response to a poor set of performances throughout the year and the restructuring of the BUCS competition (the committee will need to revise standards in this light). Half blues awarded to the starting 15 in the VM. Review again next year. Up to 3 half-blues for VM reserves at the Captain’s discretion (if they play in VM). Full Blue status is competing in England Students  or other national representational qualification. No change on 23.01.07.

Jan '10 Jan '13
Sailing (cruising) Half blues to ladies who competed in the Varsity match  (mixed team or ladies team). Discretionary FBs for reaching semi-finals (ladies) in BUCS racing finals competition and competing in VM _or_ for reaching final 8 in BUCS mixed racing finals and competing in VM. Review in 2 years time. Dec '10 Dec '13

Status changed on 7.3.06. Now brought into line with men. To receive a half-blue a girl must: 1. be in the first team (includes six girls), 2. gets an automatic half blue if in top 4 for both giant slalom and slalom and 3. can get a half-blue, with captain's discretion if in top four for either top four times count towards team score. Guidelines for FB are competing in VM and achieving a top 3 placing (individual) in BUCS or a comparable performance in National competitions. Colours for VM competitors who don't get HB (standard). Changed 01.03.12 discretionary FB to compete in VM, ranked at least top three in varsity and has achieved under 200 FIS points or comparable performance in National competitions.

Mar '12 Mar '15

Status changed on 21.11.05. 5 Full Blues will be awarded to the 1st Varsity team (5) on the condition that they finish in the top 3 of the Cambridgeshire league that season. If this condition is not met then 5 Half Blues will be awarded to the 1st Varsity team. Half blue for first team varsity reserve (if they play)

Nov '11 Nov '14

FBs  awarded for achieving set times and competing in the Varsity match. HBs awarded for competing in VM. Previously the times had been calculated from tables of National qualifying times – 16.11.00 it was agreed to change this so that FB times are calculated via  FINA points. 750 FINA points for FB in all events other than freestyle events, where it is 730 points.

Mar '10 Mar '13
Table Tennis

Application for upgrade to FB status rejected on 23.11.99. Status before 04.02.03 was automatic HB for 4 players in VM. Didn't turn up for their review on 28.11.02. On 04.02.03 proposal to maintain current status rejected; at next review they must show evidence of matches, results, standards etc. Reviewed 16.06.05 – status of 4 HBs at Captain’s discretion for VM team reinstated: will be reviewed for next two years. Didn’t happen! Status retained 12.06.08. 17.11.11 HB conditions set to reach the individual knock out stages of BUCS, or the quarter finals of BUCS for doubles, or reach the final of Cambridge and District league.

June '11 June '14

Gained status 28.11.02. Up to 5 HBs awarded at the Captain’s discretion to those who participate in the Varsity A team match and have at least a Blue belt.   
Varsity B Team get colours, as do those who fight on the A team who are not awarded HBs. The FB criteria will be participation in Varsity A team, having at least a Black belt,  gaining an individual medal in BUCS or equivalent competition and attendance at an international training camp (such attendance is encouraged although the Committee recognise that this is not always possible).

May '10 May '13

3rdHalf Blue: Competing in the A or B team at Varsity, and achieving a score of 47.0 or higher in the elite or advanced category (level 1, 2 or 3) at BUCS Full Blue: Competing in the A team at Varsity, and achieving a score of 50.0 or higher in the elite category (level 1 or 2) at BUCS.

Nov' 11 Nov '14
Triathalon (Part of Cycling Club)

3rd VM happened in 2005. HBs for people who compete in VM and come in top 3 women from Cambridge (score) and come in the top 25 in BUCS or some equivalent achievement, eg.are in National age group team . Changed on 10.02.12 to HB top 50 at BUCS and in top 3 Cambridge women at Varsity and for FB: come in top 25 at BUCS and in top 3 Cambridge women at Varsity.

Nov' 09 Nov '12
Ultimate Frisbee

Half Blues awarded to members who play on the two women’s 1st team matches (which occur on 2 days) AND in the men’s  2nd team Open Varsity match (occurring on the second day).

Colours awarded for playing in BOTH of the women’s varsity matches.

Nov '10 Nov '13

7 FBs awarded awarded at the Captain's discretion to 1st team members (and up to 2 reserves) playing in the VM. Awarding of FBs will be conditional on the team making the top 4 in BUCS. Half blues to be awarded if BUCS condition is not met. No change on 7.3.06.

Mar '12 Mar '15

Up to 13 HBs to VM players to be awarded at the Captain’s discretion. Up to 7 FBs if team reaches last 4 in BUCS.

Nov  '09 Nov '12
Requested removal from CUWBC as of 22 March 2001 – reason being that we were unable to give the men HBs and they were a mixed team. Club is not eligible to reapply for status until 22 March 2002. Mar '01


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